Welcome to Web Sites for Fun and Profit

We will be using this site as an outline and resource to work through the content of tonight’s class.

At your earliest convenience please:

  1. Choose a computer from against the wall to use tonight
  2. Log in
    1. Username: stest
    2. Password: test1234
  3. Access your personal email account
  4. Open the email from me and follow the link provided to this page.  But stay logged in to your email.  We’ll need it shortly.

A  bit about me:

A few sites I’ve created:

And many more.  I’ve also consulted privately to create many other sites for individuals, private business and non-profit organizations.

My goal tonight: To give you the skills and confidence to create a site that works for your purpose. I am energized by people who want to grow and learn.  I love to help people help themselves.

A bit about WordPress: Technically, it’s “blogging” software, but as you will see–it’s capable of so much more.  It really is the best web site building software that exists.  Powerful, flexible, user friendly, lots of support, and (amazingly) free.
21 other organizations that use WordPress, including:

  • Ebay
  • Yahoo
  • Ford
  • Wall Street Journal
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